Electrical Testing & Tagging

Electrical safety is an essential part of any business in Australia. The health and safety of your employees and others in your workplace is paramount. Being aware of the possible electrical hazards surrounding you allows you to take preventative action. This ensures that there is no risk to people.

How proactive are you in talking to your staff members about electrical safety? Do you encourage them to report electrical safety problems? And do you regularly inspect and maintain your equipment?

Electrical Safety is a WHS regulation in NSW and specifies the measures employers/contractors need to take to ensure and your workplace is electrically safe. The testing and tagging of your cords, cables and portable appliances is referred to by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760-2010.

This specifies the test and tag required to be conducted by trained technicians in order to confirm the electrical safety of portable electrical appliances.  Whilst the Australian standard does not mandate a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) should be used to conduct these tests, the use of a PAT remains one of the most comprehensive and efficient methods of ensuring an items electrical safety.

Ozmetro Fire Services uses the sophisticated Metrell Delta 3309 tester. The following tests are available:

  • Functional and visual inspection
  • Earth bond resistance
  • Insulation resistance; Insulation resistance of isolated accessible conductive parts;
  • Substitute leakage current; Substitute leakage current of isolated accessible conductive parts;
  • Differential leakage current test
  • Touch leakage test
  • PRCD test
  • Power test
  • IEC cord polarity test
  • Leakage and load currents with current clamp

Metrell 3309