Emergency Management Plans

We are a 21st Century organization. The company is based on the philosophy of continual improvement, on the way of becoming the market leader in fire protection training services. We look to a continual service delivery improvement, and we pursue this with a passion.

Our focus is on leadership and industrial education management techniques, that result in total customer satisfaction. This is achieved by examining every aspect of service delivery.

Our attention to detail and duty of care increases our understanding of customer requirements, and our ability to respond to the everyday situations within the scope of our work is what makes us successful.


Our Services Include:

  • Fire and Evacuation Compliance
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Bomb Threats
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Emergency Procedure Manuals
  • Floor Diagrams & Signages

Fire and Evacuation Compliance: 

Building Owners, Property Managers, Occupant Groups and Employers have a legal obligation and moral responsibility to comply with certain statutory

requirements that may affect the safety of all employees or occupants of buildings, structures and workplaces.

A building with an emergency situation such as a fire and in particular where the emergency is a life threat to the occupants of the building, requires as a priority the safe evacuation of those people from the building by trained staff.

Our training procedures conform to Australian Standards AS3745-2010, AS1851-2012 and WHS Act 2011 which set out recommended procedures for the safety of people in buildings during emergencies.

OzMetro can also provide practical hands on fire extinguisher training, fire audits and solutions to risk assessment matters.

Fire Warden Training:

This course is designed to provide skill and knowledge to Wardens, of their duties in a fire emergency. This experience will give them the knowledge of workplace emergency systems, command in an emergency, communication and cooperation with the Chief Warden, building occupants and the Emergency Services, as per AS3745-2010.

The course is also suitable for general building occupants who may have a need to know about workplace emergencies, familiarization with emergency systems and evacuation requirements as general occupants.

Bomb Threat and Substance Briefing:

Our Bomb Threat and Substance briefing sessions are designed to educate staff in the correct procedure for handling this type of threat and how best to collect all relevant information while maintaining a controlled and safe environment.

Fire Extinguisher training:

This type of training is designed to extinguish small fires in their early stages. knowing how to use and fire extinguisher, with an understanding of the right safety measures to take, can save lives, and prevent damage to property.

We aim to provide the best skills in first attack fire fighting for small fires, with a practical extinguisher and fire blanket exercise at each training session.

Emergency Management Plans (Procedures, Diagrams, Signage):

We can visit your workplace to develop site specific Fire and Emergency Procedures. We will develop a manual around your specific needs, together with other Australian Standard AS-3545-2010 requirements, and the WH&S act and Regulation.

Our professional consultants will develop your Emergency Management Plans and will make them available to you and your staff to use in relation to any fire emergency. We will ensure that copies are supplied to your management, Chief Warden, and others.

Your Emergency manual will also show site specific photographs of your premises – Entrances, Exits, Assembly areas, and colour copies of all your Emergency Floor Diagrams. Included with the Emergency Management Plans will be A3 size colour, laminated and framed copies of your Emergency Floor Diagrams for the placement at strategic positions throughout your building(s).

Training venues include:

Commercial, Industrial, Health Care, Educational, Shopping Centres, Government, Hotels/Motels, Warehousing, and others.

OzMetro Fire and Evacuation Services and Benefits:

Benefits to our clients

  • A team of dedicated industry experts.
  • Assistance with your email/phone support enquiries.
  • Site specific training for your building(s)
  • Measurement of your satisfaction with our training sessions.
  • Issue of relevant reports after each session, for compliance.
  • Issue of Attendance Certificates or Certificates of Attainment for compliance.
  • Consistent improvement with ‘Best Practice’ is a promise to our clients.