Bomb & Substance Threat

Bomb Threat and Substance Briefing:

Our Bomb Threat and Substance briefing sessions are designed to educate staff in the correct procedure for handling this type of threat and how best to collect all relevant information while maintaining a controlled and safe environment.

The possibility of a bomb threat is evident every day. Bomb threats should always be taken seriously. How quickly and safely can you respond? The lives of others may depend on it. What should you do?

Bomb threats are most commonly received via phone, but are also made in person, via email, written note, or other means. Every bomb threat is unique and should be handled in the context of the facility or environment in which it occurs. Facility supervisors and law enforcement will be in the best position to determine the credibility of the threat.

In this course we cover areas such as:

  • What to do if you receive a threatening call.
  • Who you need to notify
  • How you are to¬†communicate the threat to the Manager of Chief Warden
  • What plan of action do the manager and Chief Warden need to have.
  • Appropriate emergency evacuation procedures
  • The correct Bomb-threat Checklist you need
  • What to do with suspicious items
  • What to look for when conducting a search for suspicious items
  • Which local and State Emergency Services will you call?
  • What is the national Security line?

Bomb threat training courses are run as part of Warden Training, as they form part of the  emergency management plan of action for any emergency. Call our office today, to book in a Bomb Threat training course along with Warden Training.